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Size 700*100*26mm

Outlet size 40,50,72 OR 80MM (Standard Centre Outlet 50mm) Specify when making your purchase

Watermark Approved

Rustproof Warranty

Aluminum Construction silver color 

Custom Length and Outlets Sizes Available please specify (max Length 5600mm)

Anodised aluminium is an electrochemical where the surface of the aluminium and its alloys are coated to a porous aluminium oxide. Anodising is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal parts. Anodising increases common erosion resistance and wear resistance, making it the second hardest substance known to man (only to be surpassed by diamond). The oxide on aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant, making it a very hard, abrasive resistant and an insulator.

 Why Anodise?

 Anodising is an electrolytic process for producing thick oxide coating producing a bonded finish that resists corrosion, abrasion and exposure to high industrial, marine and other severe environments. The result of the finish can include either a clear finish or coloured anodic films which will retain and enhance its inherent beauty of the aluminium. It’s robust features and aesthetics of the anodised aluminium makes it ideal for both residential or commercial projects.


Contrary to what many believe, linear floor drains are easier to maintain than regular drains. Anodised finish should be washed down on a regular basis. Soapy water is the recommended method of cleaning. Mild detergents can be used to wipe and remove any matter or debris caught in the drainage area. Using a mild cloth (nylon cleaning pad or brush) to run over surface and warm water to rinse and dry with clean cloth. Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals such as acidic products on the grates. Also, do not use excessive 4 force to remove any stubborn marks